A new goat and waterwell

Today I’m sharing another story. After Amma ji received her goat from Aliza Zara Legacy, the news spread very quickly ?❤. This disabled lady, who isn’t married due to her disability, is living with her old father, in a village located in a mountainous area. Her goat was killed, strangled in her own rope. She found her goat dead ?. This goat had a baby, she had to sell the baby for 2500 RPS because she wasn’t able to take care of this baby goat. Aliza Zara Legacy team members contacted me and forwarded me her video. I immediately told them to buy her a female goat. Our team members told me that it isn’t easy to reach her house. There is no possibility to take the car. Jazaak Allah they walked to her house with the goat ❤. Her second request was that she wanted a waterwell. She had to walk a lot for water, this was very difficult for her. We placed a waterwell in her house ❤.

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