Amira – Neuroblastoma

<p class=”p1″>Amira (left) was a 11 yr old girl diagnosed with the childhood cancer Neuroblastoma stage 4 (relapse). Amira was given up in the Netherlands (May 2015). She needed a treatment called RIST Therapy in Germany. Through Aliza Zara’s legion, an amount of 23.000.- EURO was collected and reserved for her RIST treatment. Healing4Aliza had donated €10.000,- to Amira’s foundation (Steun Amira) which made it a total of €33.000,-.
Amira went to Germany on June 18th 2015.
Unfortunately Amira only received one cycle of the RIST Therapy, she earned her wings on August 21st 2015 and joined her friend Aliza Zara (right) in Heaven.</p>
The amount of €23.000,- which was reserved for Amira will now be used for another neuroblastoma patient who needs this RIST Therapy in Germany to survive. This amount was collected under te name Aliza Zara’s Legacy through Healing4Aliza (Aliza’s foundation). This money will stay with Healing4Aliza till a new Neuroblastoma case. AZ Legacy will contact Healing4Aliza for support as soon as there is a new case. We will keep you updated,

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