Aaliyan (6) patient Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

Dear Legion,

This is Aaliyan, he is 6 years old. I saw his medical reports today, send by his family members through email. First I cried reading that he has SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). He’s such a beautiful little boy. He has been send home after his diagnosis. No orthopedist, no fysiotherapist, no pediatrician. This is how followup goes for those who are blessed with little.

They have lost a 8 month old son in December . The mother told me he had problems with breathing on his own. Probably  SMA????

AlizaZLegacy wants to make this life a little bit easy for Aaliyan. I need help. I want to send this family to an orthopedist for a corset, AlizaZLegacy will support Aaliyan. He also needs a proper wheelchair.

I am counting on support.

Donations can be made through this page.

Project: Aaliya

Adnan raza – appendix operation


Another amount of 15000 RPS (A portion of the Zaqat money) went towards Adnan Raza for his appendix operation.. Adnan was operated in emergency last week. His mother got in contact with one of our volunteers and cried for help.

Alhamdulillah he has been operated. He is home and doing fine.

Thank you Legion for making these projects possible. I will keep you posted about what we are doing.

Spreading Love and Hope.

Amira – Neuroblastoma

<p class=”p1″>Amira (left) was a 11 yr old girl diagnosed with the childhood cancer Neuroblastoma stage 4 (relapse). Amira was given up in the Netherlands (May 2015). She needed a treatment called RIST Therapy in Germany. Through Aliza Zara’s legion, an amount of 23.000.- EURO was collected and reserved for her RIST treatment. Healing4Aliza had donated €10.000,- to Amira’s foundation (Steun Amira) which made it a total of €33.000,-.
Amira went to Germany on June 18th 2015.
Unfortunately Amira only received one cycle of the RIST Therapy, she earned her wings on August 21st 2015 and joined her friend Aliza Zara (right) in Heaven.</p>
The amount of €23.000,- which was reserved for Amira will now be used for another neuroblastoma patient who needs this RIST Therapy in Germany to survive. This amount was collected under te name Aliza Zara’s Legacy through Healing4Aliza (Aliza’s foundation). This money will stay with Healing4Aliza till a new Neuroblastoma case. AZ Legacy will contact Healing4Aliza for support as soon as there is a new case. We will keep you updated,

Amma ji

Dear Legion, a few months back I asked two volunteers to bring milk to our sweet and cute Amma ji and to drink a cup of chaye with her. Remember the Amma ji, who only wanted tea and sugar from Aliza Zara Legacy. Thanks to your ongoing donations we are bringing Tea and Sugar every month to Amma ji. Her story was shared on Facebook Healing4Aliza. I asked them to give her some company and listen to her life story ❤. I was really interested in her and i wanted to know more about her. In a very long interview which I received I heard something in the interview about a goat? I went to my dad, and asked him to translate this interview, because I can’t understand her dialect and I’m not a Punjabi speaker. He told me that her goat was stolen and slaughtered by family/neighbours. The one who took her goat, denied ?. She found the skin of her goat near the river.

When I heard about her goat story , I was really really sad . I got in touch with my team and asked them to buy a goat through Aliza Zara Legacy for Amma ji. I wanted them to wait, because with Eid-Ul-Adha the prices are crazy. So the same team went to Amma ji after Eid-Ul-Adha to surprise her with her new goat

Amma ji – the lonely poor lady

Dear Legion,

Meet Amma ji. She lives in a village near Gujar Khan. She came to our team with the following request. “I am alone, my husband passed away a long time ago. I have just one goat I am  living with. I can’t buy loose tea and sugar. Could Aliza Zara Legacy  ( AlizaZLegacy) buy me some loose tea &amp; sugar”. Beautiful isn’t it?.

Look how cute she is. She has not much to eat but when my team went to her place/room to give her some groceries, she offered them her fruit.

Subhan Allah. My Lord indeed with the poor.

Aliza Zara Legacy is going to provide this lady with all the necessary things to survive. You can donate whatever you want towards this project.

Azra Tariq – patient Tuberculosis


Dear Legion,

This is Azra Tariq,  she is 39 years old. I want to share her story:

Azra  got married in 2001 and she got a baby girl in 2002. While she was expecting her  second child her husband passed away in a road accident ?.

Her second child (boy) was born after her husband ’s death in 2003.

Azra has experienced only 3 years of a happy married life. Since then she is living a life of a widow.

Azra has tuberculosis for almost  6 months now. She has suffered a lot of difficulties in her life. She works hard to pay her expenses. She stitches clothes for women in her area. In the past few months she chose to feed her children above her health… She could not pay for her treatment and she just prayed… But we know it’s prayers and treatment, together.

At this moment she is in Jhelum Civil Hospital and waiting for help and prayers. Her situation was critical, she fainted and her in laws took her to a civil hospital and left her there.

Someone who knows her, contacted me.

Her children need their mommy, the only parent they know and have.

I am raising funds for Azra. She needs to stay in the hospital for 1 month and needs medication for 9 months with follow up.

I want to raise 1500 EURO for Azra ASAP..

Please donate

Caps and Scarfs street children

<strong>This project is closed, we received many scarfs and caps which are sent to those in need.</strong>


Sweet Legion,

Please go through your stuff and look for caps and scarfs for Aliza Zara Legacy. Not your favorite ones of course  but the one you, or your children don’t wear anymore.

The winter is just around the corner.

AlizaZLegacy is collecting caps and scarfs for street children in India and Pakistan till the end of October.

Some of us think that India &amp; Pakistan is a warm weather paradise. It’s not!
It is very very cold in the winter. Especially for the poor ones, and what about the children living on the streets?

Lets give them a warm hug through AlizaZLegacy
Promosign is supporting us again.

Please send the caps/scarfs to

For AlizaZLegacy
Hazenkamp 50
6836 BA Arnhem
The Netherlands


Carla, esophagus cancer Patient

Carla passed away on March, 8 2015.


In the past two weeks we have been talking to Carla’s daughters.
Carla a sweet mother, living in The Netherlands and she is fighting cancer. Carla needs to go to Germany asap.
For Carla’s very first important tests in Germany, Aliza Zara Legacy payed 2832 EURO!!
She still needs 25 to 30.000 EURO for her entire treatment. I’m helping her girls to start a foundation for Carla. In the meantime Aliza Zara Legacy will collect funds for Carla. Please read her story, written by her daughters ??? .

Dear Legion of Aliza,

After a long and heavy battle we’ve come to a point where we need your help.
We need help to save our beautiful and loving mother. She has been diagnosed with esophagus cancer in February 2015. Like every mother she has unconditional love for her children. We feel the same unconditional love for our mother as well.

Our beautiful mother is 55 years old.
Her whole life she has worked really hard. She took care of us, her 3 children all by herself.
She managed to complete several educations and courses while working fulltime and she always took the time to help all of her friends, family and colleagues. A real super woman!

With high hopes we started the regular treatment. But unfortunately the regular treatment only does so much. If we want to help our mother, we are forced to go to Germany.
In Germany they are much more evolved in the treatment of my mother’s disease, unfortunately our health insurance doesn’t cover this type of treatment abroad.

The treatment we would like to do is called dendritic cell therapy; this treatment will be combined with hyperthermia and Nivolumab. These are all kinds of immunotherapy.

The costs for this treatment are between 25.000 and 30.000 euro’s.

That’s why we want to ask you for a donation. We don’t have the financial resources to pay for this treatment. So we don’t see any other options then to ask for your generous donations, because without it we are not going to make it. Our mother is everything we have and everything we have ever known and we are willing to do whatever we can to see her healthy again.

Will you please help us to help our beloved mother.
You will have our eternal gratitude!!

Earthquake Pakistan October 2015

<strong>This project is closed, we have donated 2000  kg of wheat flour and 1000 kg of rice to the Pakistani Army in Pakistan for the victims of the earthquake. </strong>


Dear Legion,

We have been quiet about the earthquake in Pakistan.
We have been calling and doing a lot since two days. There is a shortage of wheat flour and rice for the victims.
AlizaZLegacy wants to support the Pakistani military by providing them with wheat flour and rice to help the victims. There are many many children, who are homeless now. We want to order at least 2000 kg wheat flour and 1000 kg rice. We are trying to bring this all through a military officer to Peshawar Military Camp for the victims, so we know that all of this will be in good hands. I hope this works out In Shaa Allah.

€1750 EURO needs to be raised in a few days… We can do this Legion. We are going to trust and place an order.. nd In Shaa Allah it will work out.. I believe..

€17,50 × 100 legion members and the amount is raised.

Atia Raja

Fady, Neuroblastoma Stage 4.

<p class=”p1″><strong>This project is closed, Aliza Zara Legacy has donated 2500 EURO for Fady. Fady’s foundation has raised enough funds. </strong></p>
<p class=”p1″>———————————————————————————————————-</p>
<p class=”p1″></p>
<p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>This is Fady from The Netherlands. He is fighting Neuroblastoma stage 4. Fady is an eligible candidate for the antibody treatment in the United States/ Philadelphia. This treatment increases the surviving chances with 20%.  Fady’s family needs a huge amount to cover their travel and living costs. </span></p>
<p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>AZ Legacy will try to  help Fady’s family. We are not going to raise the full amount but AZ Legacy will try to contribute and help them a step closer to their goal.  An amount of 2500 EURO has been reserved for Fady but we will try to increase this amount.</span></p>