Azra Tariq – patient Tuberculosis


Dear Legion,

This is Azra Tariq,  she is 39 years old. I want to share her story:

Azra  got married in 2001 and she got a baby girl in 2002. While she was expecting her  second child her husband passed away in a road accident ?.

Her second child (boy) was born after her husband ’s death in 2003.

Azra has experienced only 3 years of a happy married life. Since then she is living a life of a widow.

Azra has tuberculosis for almost  6 months now. She has suffered a lot of difficulties in her life. She works hard to pay her expenses. She stitches clothes for women in her area. In the past few months she chose to feed her children above her health… She could not pay for her treatment and she just prayed… But we know it’s prayers and treatment, together.

At this moment she is in Jhelum Civil Hospital and waiting for help and prayers. Her situation was critical, she fainted and her in laws took her to a civil hospital and left her there.

Someone who knows her, contacted me.

Her children need their mommy, the only parent they know and have.

I am raising funds for Azra. She needs to stay in the hospital for 1 month and needs medication for 9 months with follow up.

I want to raise 1500 EURO for Azra ASAP..

Please donate

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