Caps and Scarfs street children

<strong>This project is closed, we received many scarfs and caps which are sent to those in need.</strong>


Sweet Legion,

Please go through your stuff and look for caps and scarfs for Aliza Zara Legacy. Not your favorite ones of course  but the one you, or your children don’t wear anymore.

The winter is just around the corner.

AlizaZLegacy is collecting caps and scarfs for street children in India and Pakistan till the end of October.

Some of us think that India &amp; Pakistan is a warm weather paradise. It’s not!
It is very very cold in the winter. Especially for the poor ones, and what about the children living on the streets?

Lets give them a warm hug through AlizaZLegacy
Promosign is supporting us again.

Please send the caps/scarfs to

For AlizaZLegacy
Hazenkamp 50
6836 BA Arnhem
The Netherlands


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