Carla, esophagus cancer Patient

Carla passed away on March, 8 2015.


In the past two weeks we have been talking to Carla’s daughters.
Carla a sweet mother, living in The Netherlands and she is fighting cancer. Carla needs to go to Germany asap.
For Carla’s very first important tests in Germany, Aliza Zara Legacy payed 2832 EURO!!
She still needs 25 to 30.000 EURO for her entire treatment. I’m helping her girls to start a foundation for Carla. In the meantime Aliza Zara Legacy will collect funds for Carla. Please read her story, written by her daughters ??? .

Dear Legion of Aliza,

After a long and heavy battle we’ve come to a point where we need your help.
We need help to save our beautiful and loving mother. She has been diagnosed with esophagus cancer in February 2015. Like every mother she has unconditional love for her children. We feel the same unconditional love for our mother as well.

Our beautiful mother is 55 years old.
Her whole life she has worked really hard. She took care of us, her 3 children all by herself.
She managed to complete several educations and courses while working fulltime and she always took the time to help all of her friends, family and colleagues. A real super woman!

With high hopes we started the regular treatment. But unfortunately the regular treatment only does so much. If we want to help our mother, we are forced to go to Germany.
In Germany they are much more evolved in the treatment of my mother’s disease, unfortunately our health insurance doesn’t cover this type of treatment abroad.

The treatment we would like to do is called dendritic cell therapy; this treatment will be combined with hyperthermia and Nivolumab. These are all kinds of immunotherapy.

The costs for this treatment are between 25.000 and 30.000 euro’s.

That’s why we want to ask you for a donation. We don’t have the financial resources to pay for this treatment. So we don’t see any other options then to ask for your generous donations, because without it we are not going to make it. Our mother is everything we have and everything we have ever known and we are willing to do whatever we can to see her healthy again.

Will you please help us to help our beloved mother.
You will have our eternal gratitude!!

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