Zeeshan out of Shifa International Islamabad

We have taken Zeeshan out of Shifa International Islamabad. We have payed 1.131.093,00 RS till now for Zeeshan’s operations and treatment. That is around

‚ā¨ 10.282,00. Aliza Zara Legacy payed more towards his treatment than was collected.

We have used Noor’s reserved amount as well.

We can not continue his treatment like this.

We will need around 5 to 600.000 RS for his radiation. I have experienced with hospitals in Pakistan that these amounts can change ūüėĒ…

This case will stay on the hold till we can be certain that Aliza Zara Legacy is able to pay his radiation/ hospitalization. We can not take the risk to hospitalize him before that. Once again we do not have funds for his radiation. We have payed for one month hospitalization/treatment, 4 operations, biopsy and 3 radiations.

Update Musharaf patient Hodgkin Lymphoma

Musharaf already had one cycle in CMH Hospital.  We made a deposit of 150.000 Rs for his treatment in CMH Hospital. We need another 3264 EURO to complete his entire treatment.

We have 3100 EURO till now ?.

Our team member went to visit him a few weeks back, we were so busy with other cases and we could not inform you about Musharaf. He is being very brave. His mother is thanking and praying for the entire Legion in this video.

Musharaf still needs help.

Please contribute towards his treatment. We need  3264 EURO to close thisite case.

Dropping Noor’s case

We tried our best. ?. We took Noor to several hospitals and we even took her to Peshawar.

The doctors in Peshawar said the same… They can not operate Noor.

Aliza Zara Legacy is dropping Noor’s case ?

May Allah Azwajjal safeguard Noor at all times. We are really sad, this is the very first time that Aliza Zara Legacy could not help.

I do not know what to say.

I will update you soon about how much is left from Noor’s collected donations.

Update Noor – traveling to Peshawar


Today two team members of Aliza Zara Legacy took Noor (patient hydrocephalus) to our Team member in Peshawar. It’s a 12 hour drive to Peshawar. May Allah Azwajjal keep them safe. She has an appointment tomorrow at 4 PM.

As you all know making a MRI with anesthesia isn’t without life threatening risks. Noor’s parents did not want to sign any MRI document. This is our last option. We went to several hospitals in Punjab but all of them said the same. A MRI without anesthesia ¬†wasn’t possible. Our team member in Peshawar got in contact with a few hospitals in Peshawar and alhamdulillah one neurosurgeon wanted to see Noor first. He has some options but he wanted to meet her.

I hope to post good news tomorrow In Shaa Allah. We need a MRI for her shunt operation.



Update Zeeshan after second operation


We still aren’t allowed to visit Zeeshan. His mother told us that Zeeshan is recovering from both operations.

I am still waiting for an answer of Shifa International. They did not answer my email yet.

As I said in my previous post, we can not make a second payment to their hospital without receiving a medical update.

We did transfer another 2000 EURO to our Aliza Zara Legacy team in PK for Zeeshan’s case. As soon as we receive an update they will go to make a payment. We have transferred an amount of 5000 EURO in total for Zeeshan.

Because of the unexpected Shunt operation we are still raising funds for Zeeshan


Update Zeeshan after operation

I spoke to our Team, they are still not allowed to meet Zeeshan on ICU. So unfortunately they can’t go to visit him.

They had contact with the hospital. They told our  team member that his operation went well. They have removed a huge part of the tumor. The tumor is now smaller in size. They have also send the tumor to their lab to identify the DNA.

There is one complication. His shunt that was placed by PIMS Islamabad last week, has to be removed. I have emailed the assistant of Zeeshan’s neurosurgeon for more information about this. I am still waiting for a reply.

This means Zeeshan needs a third operation. They have to place a shunt asap. My team member told me that Shifa International wanted us to make a deposit of Rs. 100.000, that is around 909 EURO. We transferred an amount of 3000 EURO day before yesterday. We have Rs 100.000 left from this amount. We now have to pay for this unexpected operation.

But before we pay this second deposit we need some more information about this shunt operation. I hope to receive an answer soon.

As a trust we need to have a target and a plan of treatment.

I know this shunt operation is necessary but I also have to follow the rules.

I will keep you all updated.

In the meantime, please keep spreading the word…

Donations can be made through the contribute link on this page.

Update funds project Zeeshan

Dear Legion,

If we want to,  we can.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Aalamin.

We have raised 4005 EURO TILL NOW.

LEGION just 1000 EURO more to be raised ?.

Tomorrow is Zeeshan’s operation In Shaa Allah ?. ¬†Please keep him in your prayers/duaas.

Team Aliza Zara Legacy will visit him on Thursday in Shifa International Islamabad  ?.

Donations through link contribute on this page

Update Zeeshan from our Dr. Nawaz

An update about Zeeshan from Aliza Zara Legacy team member, Dr. Nawaz

Today I had contact with Zeeshan’s neurosurgeon. He told me that Zeeshan has a very large tumor in his brain which is causing a midline shift. Due to this he has hydrocephalus, that is a condition that occurs when fluid builds up in the skull and causes the brain to swell. An operation is now necessary for his chance of survival. During the operation he will try to remove as much as possible of the tumor. After the operation they than can determine the type of tumor and they will be able to decide a plan for radiation.


Dr. Nawaz

Zeeshan in Shifa International Islamabad

Today we took Zeeshan to Shifa International. He is still there. The doctors of Shifa International want to operate Zeeshan asap. They said he has a 50% chance but without the operation he will survive another week ?. ¬†They want to remove the tumor but they first want to do their own tests. ¬†This operation will safe Zeeshan’s life In Shaa Allah. This operation/ radiation ¬†costs around 4000 EURO. (In PIMS they placed a shunt). We also need around 1000 euro for his hospitalization.

Legion from the previous donation there is only 50.000 RPS (450 EURO) left. Since yesterday Guardian Angel and some legion members have donated.  We raised 860 EURO in less than 24 hours  but we need more

Please please Legion, let’s all come together to help this mother in need.

Share and donate as much as possible. We only have a week ?.


Update Aaliyan patient Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Now an update about Aaliyan  (6 yrs Рpatient Spinal Muscular Atrophy, being treated in Shifa International Islamabad).

This video shared on FacebookIMG_20170402_001044 made me sad, why is Aaliyan not happy? Why isn’t he smiling in this video? Why not the yummy love kiss which we normally get from him….? ¬†I immediately called my team member and asked him about Aaliyan’s “not so happy face” and why does it seems like he is being forced for this video. I don’t want that. ¬†He laughed and said I am sorry sister Atia, but Aaliyan was having mood swings that day. ¬†I made several videos, I asked him if It was okay if I filmed him, he said yes, ¬†bit it just wasn’t his day.

I first thought should I share this video with Aliza’s Legion?? I then said to myself, I should share his video. Why always his happy face. He just had a bad day… and that’s okay… it’s okay Legion not to be okay sometimes..

Aaliyan is regularly going for his physiotherapy at Shifa International. He is by His will still walking with the corset and splints which we payed for in 2015. We recently payed 15000 RPS for some more tests which were necessary. Aaliyan is soon going to a “special” school, where he is not different but very special like all the others.

Keep Aaliyan as always in your prayers. And I really hope to see his happy face and receive his yummy flying kiss the next time we visit him.

Aaliyan’s case was closed in 2016!

I will keep you all updated about Aaliyan.

Spreading Love and Hope that is what Aliza Zara does ‚̧.