Earthquake Pakistan October 2015

<strong>This project is closed, we have donated 2000  kg of wheat flour and 1000 kg of rice to the Pakistani Army in Pakistan for the victims of the earthquake. </strong>


Dear Legion,

We have been quiet about the earthquake in Pakistan.
We have been calling and doing a lot since two days. There is a shortage of wheat flour and rice for the victims.
AlizaZLegacy wants to support the Pakistani military by providing them with wheat flour and rice to help the victims. There are many many children, who are homeless now. We want to order at least 2000 kg wheat flour and 1000 kg rice. We are trying to bring this all through a military officer to Peshawar Military Camp for the victims, so we know that all of this will be in good hands. I hope this works out In Shaa Allah.

€1750 EURO needs to be raised in a few days… We can do this Legion. We are going to trust and place an order.. nd In Shaa Allah it will work out.. I believe..

€17,50 × 100 legion members and the amount is raised.

Atia Raja

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