Gaza conflict

emergency appeal

Aliza Zara Legacy will reach out to people in every possible way. We are now able to feed the displaced families in Gaza and to provide medical aid for the wounded in Gaza. The ongoing war and Apartheid in Palestine caused many injuries to the people of Gaza many to sleep hungry. Let us join forces to provide help where needed.

History has shown us that most wars have a beginning and Alhamdulillah also an end.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Palestine. We know Palestine and specifically, the people of Gaza, have been suffering horrendous inhuman crimes against them for decades!

As a result, they not only suffer from mental and physical damage, but also from unemployment, hunger, displacement from the comfort of their homes and so much more.

Aliza Zara Legacy is making a difference for the people in need by providing them warm meals
(3 euro per person) and/or food parcels (40 euro a family of seven) that last about a month. Also, medical aid is provided to treat the wounded. In the recent past we teamed up with hospital Dar Essalam and donated more than 12k euro which was efficiently used to treat injuries and to purchase medicines, medical equipment and first aid kits (70 euro per kit).

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “The parable of the believers in their affection, mercy, and compassion for each other is that of a body. When any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever.” The people in Gaza are in pain and we can make a difference. 

Let’s support Gaza!