Families in need – food packages

Dear Legion, meet Noreen. Noreen has 5 children. Her husband passed away 3 years ago.
Noreen is struggling very hard to provide her children. Legion what a beautiful month to provide families in need with the necessity of life. Aliza Zara Legacy wants to provide many more families like these with monthly food packages. A food package only costs 75 EURO (55 POUNDS, 85 USA DOLLARS). Just this amount and this mother, with 5 children will be helped..
I will post more families in the following days. Do you want to support Noreen and many other Noreens out there? These families and the provided food packages will be shared on this page.
AlizaZLegacy food packages contain:
Wheat flour
4 different type of Lentils
Ghee (cooking oil)
2 different type of spices (Turmeric, Pepper)
Loose tea

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