Dear Legion,
Ramadan is coming very soon and Aliza Zara Legacy will again start project Foodpackages Ramadan..
“Those who have the ability should strive to feed those who are fasting (when it’s time to break the fast) either in the masaajid or in other places. This is since whoever feeds a fasting person, he will receive the same reward as the one fasting. So if a person feeds his brothers who are fasting, he will receive the same reward as them. Therefore, those whom Allaah has granted wealth should take advantage of this opportunity to obtain a great reward”
You can donate for the less fortunate as well.
30 EURO (25 GBP & 35 USD) for 30 days
15 euro (12,50 GBP & 17,50 USD) for 15 days.
Or whatever you would like to contribute towards our Ramadan project ❤.

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