Medication and Vitamins for Maira

For those who follow Maira know that the medication and vitamins that we had send to Maira (stock 3 months) through sweet volunteers is almost used. Now we have seen another post from Maira’s parents that for medication. We have contacted the precious volunteer again and we are trying to arrange a stock of medicine, till Maira can fly to America. We will mail the medication. Is there anyone from Aliza’s Legion who is willing to pay these mailing costs 60 EURO and 200 EURO for her vitamins.

We also need to know if someone of Aliza’s Legion is flying to Karachi/ Pakistan in the following two weeks. We have a small cooling bag with medication and a letter from the doctor that has to be taken as hand luggage. Please Legion, we need support and help in this. We came this far with keeping Maira’s situation stable. Who is willing to help us? Who’s flying to Karachi?

Please do send a message about your donation.

Love 4 Aliza’s Legion.

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  1. Asalamualaikum,
    I admire your work and the passion you have sister, it’s Beautiful and inspirational.. Subhan Allah!

    I would like to pay £200 towards the Medication and Vitamins for Maira inshallah Allah.
    Please please make Dua for me and my family as I am going through a very very difficult time in my life right now: (

    May Allah swt accept all your efforts… Ameen xxx

    • Dear Farzana, thank you for you donation.
      May Allah Azwajjal accept your sadaqa and may His finest blessings be upon you always. Ameen.
      In my prayers. xxx

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