Minahil and her education

<strong>Project closes, after my video on facebookpage <a href=”http://www.facebook.com/healing4aliza1″ target=”_blank”>Healing4Aliza</a> of Minahil’s mother Najla, I was alhamdulillah contacted by many Legion members. Two Legion members who replied first have taken Najla and Minahil’s responsibility.They will pay for Minahil’s education and they will support Najla. </strong>


Dear Legion,
I received a video today from my mother in Pakistan. She met a young lady Najla. They are three sisters. Her father passed away when she was very young, her mother got her married because of their poor circumstances.
She had a terrible time with her in laws. Her husband divorced her after the birth of their baby girl. Her daughter is 4,5 yr old now. She wants to give her girl, Minahil a good education, so she becomes independent and she doesn’t have to go through what she went through. A Sadaqa-E-Jariya of knowledge.
I just couldn’t ignore her request.
If there is anyone in Aliza’s Legion who wants to get in contact with this young mother. Please send me a direct message through Aliza’s Facebookpage <a href=”http://www.facebook.com/healing4aliza1″ target=”_blank”>Healing4Aliza</a>.
Thank you.
May Allah Azwajjal bring one of His righteous people forward, who maybe is capable of helping this mother.
AlizaZLegacy asked if she had any experience with sewing dresses, but unfortunately she doesn’t. We wanted to donate her a sewingmachine but that has no point.
It was my job to forward her request and I did. May Allah Azwajjal help this young mother in her struggles. Ameen sum ameen ?.
Alhamdulillah always☝!
Atia Raja

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