Mother Najla needs support

Dear Legion meet Minahil Ansar, Najla’s baby girl. After Najla’s father passed away, Najla was forced to marry at a very young age. Her husband and in laws treated her awfully. After having Minahil, her husband divorced her. Nail wishes a different life for her daughter, she wants to educate her, but unfortunately she doesn’t have the sources. Najla contacted me and I posted her emotional request on Facebookpage Healing4Aliza. I was alhamdulillah contacted by many Legion members. The first two legion members who wanted to help Najla and her girl, have received all Najla’s details. They have promised to donate for Minahil’s education and they are going support Najla.

Do pray for this precious girl, may she be protected from harm. It is not easy growing up in her circumstances. May Allah Azwajjal safeguard her. Ameen sum ameen.

Alhamdulillah always☝!

Atia Raja

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