Musharaf – Hodgin Lymphoma

A team member in Pindi was approached by a family in an ambulance. They were leaving towards Lahore with their 13 yr old son Musharaf, who is diagnosed with Cancer – Hodgkin Lymphoma ?. He needs treatment and Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore gave them hope, but they also wanted 18 lakh rupees for his treatment. That’s around 16 to 17 thousand euro’s.
Musharaf’s family wants Aliza Zara Legacy’s help, our team member filmed their request and took their contact details. I know raising this amount in a short period of time is maybe not possible for us, but maybe with His help we can be some kind of help for Musharaf.
Dear Legion, if you want to help this boy please donate through the contribute link on this page.
Project Musharaf

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