Musharaf – patient hodgkin Lymphoma

Here we have Musharaf (cancer patient – Hodgkin Lymphoma), he spoke to our team and said that he is in pain and he wants help from Aliza’s Legion ?❤.
I’ve shared his video yesterday on Facebook page Healing4Aliza , he was in the ambulance, going to Lahore from Pindi. Unfortunately they had to come back, Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore told his parents to pay 18 lakh rupees as a deposit for his treatment. Musharaf’s parents don’t have this amount . Our team went to see him today , as I said I wish we could collect funds for his entire treatment ? (around 16.000 EURO). I know it isn’t impossible, if everyone in the Legion would donate 1 euro, we will be able to pay for his treatment in just a few days.
At this time, he isn’t getting any treatment at all, and we all know the outcome.. May The Lord safeguard Musharaf at all time and grant him health. Ameen.
Aliza Zara’s Guardian Angel has donated the first 2500 EURO for Project Musharaf.
That is almost 3 lakh rupees, Alhamdulillah. Thank you Guardian Angel.
We need 13500 EURO to start his treatment in Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore.
How many will follow Guardian Angel? How many of our Legion members are willing to donate 5 EURO towards his treatment?
Please help , Project Musharaf, go to link contribute on this page to help Musharaf


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