Noor – patient hydrocephalus

Meet Noor Said, she is 13 years old. Noor is the only child. Noor’s mother got in contact with one of our volunteers, and our team went to visit her and her family.
Noor has hydrocephalus (Hydrocephalus comes from the Greek words hydro meaning water and cephalus meaning head). She needs treatment asap. Her mother is telling in this video that Noor has now lost her vision, she gets seizures more often.. They have to pay 5000 rupees to give her 15 days of Kepra (to prevent seizures). They don’t have this money. Noor is going to need an operation. My team is getting in contact with the doctors of her Hospital to see if a shunt system can be placed (A shunt is a flexible tube placed into the ventricular system of the brain which diverts the flow of fluid into another region of the body, most often the abdominal cavity, where it can be absorbed. A valve within the shunt maintains CSF at normal pressure within the ventricles).
Dear Legion help us to help Noor.
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