Old couple in the mountains

You all know by now that Aliza Zara Legacy has a soft spot for old people.. As soon as they talk in the videos sent to us,  wallahi we have a smile on our face
we received this video a while ago from one of our volunteers working in Punjab (shared on Facebook Healing4Aliza). We were busy with many cases and also our ongoing waterwell projects. We had to put this case on the hold. But alhamdulillah today we can share this adorable couple living in Punjab…

They have no children and as you can see in the video they are living in poor circumstances.
Now they requested Aliza Zara Legacy to help them. We have been thinking about how can AZL help this adorable couple.
Giving them an Aliza Zara sewing machine is not an option, she can’t work. Her husband can’t even walk. What to do?
Then we thought maybe there is someone in Aliza Zara’s Legion who wants to adopt this couple as their parents or grandparents.
What does this mean? Well, we have calculated with my team that they need 50 euro a month to survive.

This will be enough for their groceries (if you have a different currency please convert it in google).
Are you interested in adopting this couple then please contact us!

This family has been adopted!

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