Project Earthquake Pakistan Closed

Dear Legion,
The amount to support the victims of the earthquake has been raised Alhamdulillah ?, 2000 kg wheat flour and 1000 kg rice will be escorted very soon by the military of Pakistan to the Military Camps in Peshawar where the victims of the Earthquake are.

We have placed an order and within 3 days our truck will be loaded. In Shaa Allah.

Due to the circumstances in Pakistan it’s not safe to send the driver alone. Peshawar is more than a 12 hour drive, unfortunately there are many hyenas who take advantage in Pakistan. The safest way to help the victims is through the Pakistani army. #PaakFauj.

Thank you everyone for helping me again. You know I will share everything on this page, pictures & videos. Whatever you donate goes to those in need ?.

€ 1750,- raised!
Project Earthquake Pakistan Closed.

Atia Raja

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