Project Earthquake Pakistan – donation

So today, your donated wheat flour and rice has been donated to the Armed Forces of Pakistan, they will bring it to the victims of the Earthquake. As i mentioned before they have their own military camps (Peshawar/border).
Our team had a wonderful experience with the army today. The officers/rangers were truly honoured by the trust we have in the Armed Forces of Pakistan. When it goes to the army, it’s in good hands.
I received a request from the army, I will share this soon. First things first. I also have to upload some other finished projects, I will do that soon. In Shaa Allah!

Alhamdulillah and thank you Legion, Guardian Angel for making this project possible. I also want to thank a very very special legion member, who i’ve been talking to behind the scenes. If you are reading, my love for you!!!

Atia Raja

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