Project Hifza Noor – girl with open wounds

Project Hifza Noor – The little girl with huge open wounds on body  ?.

This is Hifza Noor. I have shown the video of her open wounds through Facebook Healing4Aliza live streaming ?. I have chosen not to post the picture or video of her wounds, it’s just too heartbreaking)

Legion members who were online saw the suffering of this beautiful, smiling courageous girl ?❤❤❤.

Her mother is paying 1000 RPS a day to a doctor to clean her deep wounds and for bandage. That’s about 260-280 EURO a month!!

This family is poor, they can’t afford to pay for all of this. Our AlizaZLegacy doctor in the Netherlands has seen her medical file and she suggested to send her to a rheumatologist.

Now Aliza Zara Legacy (AlizaZLegacy) has accepted her case. We are from now on collecting funds to start her treatment very soon.

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