Project Noor patient hydrocephalus – closed

You all have donated an amount of 2704 euro for Noor’s treatment/ operation till now.
Because we are still struggling for Noor’s operation, we have decided to stop raising more funds. This is almost 3 lakh rupees and we hope to pay for her upcoming tests and In Shaa Allah operation with this amount. If we will need more funds, we will reopen her case, but for now this amount should be enough.
Thank you everyone for donating towards “Project Noor”. As you know we will keep you updated about Noor’s MRI and In Shaa Allah operation.

Our Aliza Zara Legacy doctor living in The Netherlands, Dr. Nawaz ❤ has discussed Noors case with one of her colleagues today and dr. Nawaz has mentioned a few options. This medication will prevent seizures during anesthesia. We will now inform our team in Pakistan.
Thank you once again dear Legion and Guardian Angel for helping Aliza Zara Legacy with helping sweet Noor.

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