Project Sewingmachines Closed

I am so happy to announce that AlizaZLegacy has raised the amount for 50 sewingmachines (for the poor widows/orphan girls) this just in two weeks, Alhamdulillah??. After my last update Subhan Allah many Legion member donated sewing machines, some 1 some 2 ??. I was stressing a little bit for the last sewingmachines and Subhan Allah a precious Legion member donated 12 sewingmachines in total. I was just flabbergasted and thanked my Lord in sujood 4 having this amazing Legion ??. The order has been placed, within 3 weeks we will receive 50 sewing machines with an AlizaZLegacy logo.

May I say, that I love you for helping me in these projects. Being with me not only for these projects, but to share your love as well. This trust is truly about spreading love & hope, Aliza & her Legion deserve all the credit. My Lord reward every single person, I pray to you in tears, reward my janemans Legion abundantly. Ameen sum ameen ??. AlizaZLegacy 4 life Legion

Raised amount : 2250 EURO

Alhamdulillah , love & respect.

Yours truly.

Atia Raja

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