Riley-Jay Neuroblastoma patient

<strong>This project is closed, Riley-Jay received 6500 EURO for his treatment in America on January the 14th, 2016.</strong>


Dear Legion,

AlizaZLegacy has decided to help a beautiful little boy. RJ (Riley-Jay), a two year old boy, who’s diagnosed with Neuroblastoma stage 4.
RJ just had his high dose, bone marrow deceasing chemotherapy followed by a stamcell re infusion. Half January 2016, RJ has to go to America with his parents and younger sister.
Why are we helping RJ?
RJ has to be in America in January for the antibody treatment that will increase his survival chances.
Their foundation has collected 53.000 EURO till now ( and they need at least 100.000 EURO.
That’s a shortage of 47.000 EURO!!
A huge amount. As you can understand there is not much time left for RJ to raise this amount. He needs some help….
I want to address everyone in Aliza’s Legion to support this little boy.


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