Sewing Machines

<strong>October, 28 2015</strong>

<strong>This project is closed, Aliza Zara Legacy has raised 2250 euro thanks to the legion members. Fifty sewing machines are donated to the poor widows and young orphan girls.</strong>



In the past few weeks AlizaZLegacy has been negotiating with a sewingmachine fabric in Pakistan. We want to provide the poor widows and orphan young girls (from the foodpackages and more) with a sewingmachine so that they can work and earn for themselves. Many of these ladies have little children, little brothers and sisters and no one who helps them .

I have received many many requests. They want to work for their money. Subhan Allah.

A sewingmachine with an AlizaZLegacy logo and delivering, costs €45,- per sewingmachine, if we order at least 50 sewingmachines.

We want to donate 50 sewingmachines and if possible more. We have to place this order asap. It will take 3 weeks for the fabric to deliver these sewingmachines.

One sewingmachine will help a poor widow or an orphan young girl to earn for herself. A solution for their poverty. As long as that sewingmachine is running each one of you will receive tremendous rewards.

Project Sewingmachine has started. I will collect donations till end next week October 22nd 2015.

You can contribute through #Project #Sewingmachine


Alhamdulillah always☝!

Atia Raja

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