Update Aaliyan patient Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Now an update about Aaliyan  (6 yrs – patient Spinal Muscular Atrophy, being treated in Shifa International Islamabad).

This video shared on FacebookIMG_20170402_001044 made me sad, why is Aaliyan not happy? Why isn’t he smiling in this video? Why not the yummy love kiss which we normally get from him….?  I immediately called my team member and asked him about Aaliyan’s “not so happy face” and why does it seems like he is being forced for this video. I don’t want that.  He laughed and said I am sorry sister Atia, but Aaliyan was having mood swings that day.  I made several videos, I asked him if It was okay if I filmed him, he said yes,  bit it just wasn’t his day.

I first thought should I share this video with Aliza’s Legion?? I then said to myself, I should share his video. Why always his happy face. He just had a bad day… and that’s okay… it’s okay Legion not to be okay sometimes..

Aaliyan is regularly going for his physiotherapy at Shifa International. He is by His will still walking with the corset and splints which we payed for in 2015. We recently payed 15000 RPS for some more tests which were necessary. Aaliyan is soon going to a “special” school, where he is not different but very special like all the others.

Keep Aaliyan as always in your prayers. And I really hope to see his happy face and receive his yummy flying kiss the next time we visit him.

Aaliyan’s case was closed in 2016!

I will keep you all updated about Aaliyan.

Spreading Love and Hope that is what Aliza Zara does ❤.


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