Update Aaliyan (Spinal Muscular Atrophy patient)

Aaliyan went to the doctors again. It’s so warm in Pakistan and wearing his corset and splints gave him a terrible rash over his entire body ?. They now made tiny holes in his Corset and Splints so his skin can breathe…. ??. I spoke to him and he was complaining about the hot weather ?. He was also telling me that he can walk when he’s wearing his corset and splints.  Alhamdulillah ?.

He’s receiving fysiotherapy and his parents do exercise with him every day. He is such a sweet boy, really ?. His parents want to put a hold on his wheelchair for now. They want him to keep moving on his own, as long as he can??.

He was sending you all his love.

Keep him in your prayers.

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