Update Amma ji

Case: Amma ji
Dear Legion, a few months back I asked two volunteers to bring milk to our sweet and cute Amma ji and to drink a cup of chaye with her. Remember the Amma ji, who only wanted tea and sugar from Aliza Zara Legacy. Her story was shared on Facebook Healing4Aliza. I asked them to give her some company and listen to her life story ❤. I was really interested in her and i wanted to know more about her. In a very long interview which I received I heard something in the interview about a goat? I went to my dad, and asked him to translate this interview, because I can’t understand her dialect and I’m not a Punjabi speaker. He told me that her goat was stolen and slaughtered by family/neighbours. The one who took her goat, denied ?. She found the skin of her goat near the river.

When I heard about her goat story , I was really really sad . I got in touch with my team and asked them to buy a goat through Aliza Zara Legacy for Amma ji. I wanted them to wait, because with Eid-Ul-Adha the prices are crazy. So the same team went to Amma ji after Eid-Ul-Adha to surprise her with her new goat

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