update Carla Esophagus patient

I want to tell you a little bit more about my mother, so maybe you can understand what kind of amazing human being my mother is and so you will understand why we can’t live without her!

When I was eleven years old my mother and father divorced, leaving us broken hearted and scared, the world as we knew it was gone. My mother immediately decided to start working 40 hours per week, so she could give us what we needed. Every day when she came home she cooked us a delicious dinner, listened to us and gave us all the love we needed. Then she would clean the house do the laundry and for several years she would do her homework, because she followed several kinds of education next to all the things she would do for us at home.

My sister and I have had our own health problems for the last couple of years and we sometimes still do. No matter what she would be there for us, holding our hands, wiping away our tears and comforting us.

Everywhere we had to go she would drive us, no matter what time it was or where we had to go.

Despite the fact she was tired, she would do anything for us! All of her money went to us, she almost never bought anything for herself.

Then my grandfather got ill and next to everything she already did she took care of him as well and drove him to every hospital appointment, without any complaints.

I always said that I could never pay her back for all that she has done for us.

Last year she got ill and we started taking care of her and doing the things she had done for all of those years and I was shocked to find out how much she did and how much work it was, I have never been this tired and I am giving away all of my energy and I am worried every day. That’s when it hit me, this has to be how she has felt all of this time. How could one woman do this much and still be standing?

She asked and begged me to make her better, so that is what I am trying to do. I realize no matter what I do, it will never be enough to pay her back, so the least I can do is save her.

Will you please help me do that?


Lynette (daughter Carla)







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