Update Carla Esophagus patient

Dear Atia/Legion,

Today we had an appointment with the physiotherapist, because my mother has edema (fluid retention) in both her legs, due to her liver functions

She is so weak, they try to strengthen her muscles.

Her body has to endure a lot and most of the time it’s really tired, no tired is not the right word anymore, her body is exhausted.

Please help us, we really need these treatments if we want to help her and we need it as soon as possible!

Thank you so much!! We are so grateful!

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  1. Salam aleykum dear. Where is it possible to donate? Is it where it says ‘contribute’ or else. May Allah the most Compassionate, grand every sick a quick healing for the sake of Muhammad (sa) and his beloved Ahlulbayt (as) ❤️

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