Update Corset & Splints Aaliyan

Last week, Aaliyan’s parents contacted me.

Aaliyan finally received his corset and splints from his orthopeadist alhamdulillah .. ❤?.

Thank you Legion. This wasn’t possible without your generous donations for Aaliyan. May you all be blessed in abundance.. Ameen ❤❤?.

Due to the warm weather Aaliyan was sleeping very bad. His mother called me last week and she was so worried. She told me that Aaliyan screams and cries in the night.  She thought, Aaliyan was having breathing problems and the first thing on her mind was “I am going to loose my son because of suffocation”  (like her younger son ??)

I calmed her, and our team member took Aaliyan to see her physician in Shifa International Hospital. Alhamdulillah his oxygen level was fine and all other vital signs as well. ??

Alhamdulillah alwaysAS.

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