Update Musharaf (13 yrs) cancer patient – Hodgkin Lymphoma

A boy who is recently diagnosed with Nodular sclerosis classical hodgkin lymphoma. As his parents can not afford his treatment, Aliza Zara legacy is raising funds for him. Today I called one of his doctors from CMH – Pindi to discuss his case. He told me they have done some tests and are now busy to determine the stage (extent of spread) of the disease. Usually its preferable to do a PET-scan as well but in Pakistan a PET-scan is only performed in 3 hospitals and due to the high costs they do not always perform it. Once they have determined the stage they will make a plan and start as soon as possible with chemotherapy. He  is also  willing to see Musharaf and his parents on 22march2017 to discuss this with them as well.

Hopefully they can start as soon as possible with his treatment.

Spreading Love & Hope, that is what Aliza Zara does.

Best regards,

Drs. A. Nawaz

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