Update Musharaf (13 yrs) patient Hodgkin Lymphoma

As you all know Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore wanted around 1.400.000 RPS as a deposit for Musharaf’s treatment. We took him to CMH, a military hospital in Rawalpindi. In the past couple of weeks they did some tests for the staging. On Monday our Aliza Zara Legacy doctor, Drs. Nawaz called Musharaf’s  oncologist for an update, she has shared the update on this page. He requested Drs. Nawaz to send Musharaf on the Wednesday the 22nd. Our team member took him to Rawalpindi CMH last Wednesday.

Alhamdulillah they said, they can treat Musharaf. His type of cancer (Hodgkin Lymphoma) is a cancer they can treat in their hospital. He has a surviving chance of 98%!!!! Alhamdulillah.

As seen in these pictures they have hospitalized him and he is receiving treatment. It was unexpected, so my team member will go again to pay the first deposit.


Guardian Angel ❤, payed the first 2500 euro’s for his treatment. We received another 600 euro’s from Legion members ?. In total we have 3100 EURO till now!!  That is around 341.000 RUPEES.


We need a total of 700.000 RUPEES. We still need to raise 3264 EURO for his treatment, hospital costs and follow up. That’s the half of what Shaukat Khanum Hospital wanted as a deposit.

Legion, the treatment has started, we can and we will try to save this little boy. We will have to pay a deposit every month and with Aliza’s Legion we will manage to pay for his entire treatment.

The total is not much for saving a life.

Please keep sharing, and donating whatever is possible for Musharaf.


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