Update Noor patient hydrocephalus – new dresses and treatment

This week our team went to visit Noor to gift her 2 new dresses. As I mentioned in an earlier post, she has one red dress, which she is wearimg to all her appointments  I asked her why she is always wearing her red dress. She said that’s my favorite dress. I then asked my team to ask Noor if she has more favorite colours. Aliza Zara Legacy will give her two more favorite dresses. She wanted one white/ redd dress and one turquoise coloured dress.

Our team got her size, bought fabric in her favorite colours and went to a tailor. Her dresses were ready so it was time to visit Beautiful Noor.


Her treatment update:

After visiting a few more hospitals, we are now in contact with some doctors in Peshawar. We want a MRI without anesthesia. Her parents are still refusing to sign, which we totally understand. The doctors told us that anesthesia isn’t without risks.

Her mother was thanking you all for the dresses and for supporting Noor.

Noor said I can’t see, but I can feel. I like my dresses. Thank you.

Spreading Love and Hope that is what Aliza Zara does.

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