Update Noor – traveling to Peshawar


Today two team members of Aliza Zara Legacy took Noor (patient hydrocephalus) to our Team member in Peshawar. It’s a 12 hour drive to Peshawar. May Allah Azwajjal keep them safe. She has an appointment tomorrow at 4 PM.

As you all know making a MRI with anesthesia isn’t without life threatening risks. Noor’s parents did not want to sign any MRI document. This is our last option. We went to several hospitals in Punjab but all of them said the same. A MRI without anesthesia  wasn’t possible. Our team member in Peshawar got in contact with a few hospitals in Peshawar and alhamdulillah one neurosurgeon wanted to see Noor first. He has some options but he wanted to meet her.

I hope to post good news tomorrow In Shaa Allah. We need a MRI for her shunt operation.



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