Update Project Qari Sahib

Alhamdulillah Aliza Zara Legacy still has a small left to pay for Qari Sahib’s dialysis every week.
His son Haroon 19 yrs , who’s also a tajweed teacher, comes to our volunteers with receipts every week to collect the money for his beloved father’s dialysis. Haroon is paying the medicines with his own earnings and he is taking care of his father, mother and sisters at such a young age. Unfortunately Haroon doesnt earn enough to pay for his dialysis. He took loan to pay for the previous dialysis, this before Aliza Zara Legacy came into their life. I spoke to Haroon and Masha Allah, he’s a very nice and humble young man, who cried talking about his dear father ? .. No doubt that your children can be the most beautiful Sadaqa-e-Jariyah. May The Lord safeguard Haroon at all times, so he can carry this burden. May his father, Qari Sahib be helped by His generous people, and that there is healing for him in this treatment.

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