Update project sewing machines

Dear Legion,

Why did my sewingmachine project took so much time? The fabric owner contacted me a month ago with the following request. He had to deliver 50 machines for us with the AlizaZLegacy logo. He liked her name and logo so much that he wanted to make another 500 sewingmachines with Aliza’s name on it. I actually liked his request but we had to arrange a meeting with the board. The board approved this request. So the fabric made an extra 500 sewingmachines for themselves to sell all over Pakistan. Subhan Allah

Our sewingmachines are delivered, Alhamdulillah. In the following days we will deliver our sewingmachines to the widows and orphan young girls. Fifty families who will become independent because of your support.

May Allah Azwajjal accept everyone’s sadaqa, and may He double this donation here and in the Aakhirah. Ameen sum ameen.

Alhamdulillah always☝!

Atia Raja

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