Update project wheelchairs

Thank you so much for your generous donations towards Project Wheelchairs.
Aliza Zara Legacy received ❤1045 EURO❤ for Project Wheelchairs in the past couple of days.
Thank you sooo MUCH ❤❤❤.
So many people in need will be helped through your donation. A beautiful Sadaqa-e-Jariyah.
May AZ’S Legion and dear Guardian Angel be blessed with His finest blessings.

You can always donate towards this project. See unfinished cases on this page.


2 gedachten over “Update project wheelchairs

  1. A H4A *Shoutout* to the complete Aliza Zara Legacy Team who, by all their hard work and efforts, “transform” our donations into food, water wells, wheelchairs, healthcare, sewing machines and even a goat for the needy.

    Team Aliza Zara Legacy & Aliza’s Legion; One H4A Love: Aliza Zara

    H4A Guardian Angel

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