Update Ramadan project

Dear Legion,

I can finally share the beautiful Ramadan project with all of you ❤❤❤. I am so happy with this prIMG_20160608_073235oject. Alhamdulillah  ?. See these pictures Subhan Allah ❤❤❤?.


This entire month Aliza Zara Legacy  (AlizaZLegacy) is preparing the iftar IMG-20160608-WA0016i for the less fortunate ? In Shaa Allah. Poor people & poor children will open their fast with AlizaZLegacy ?.

My target is to fill atleast 6000 stomachs this month In Shaa Allah…



You can still contribute towards this project. I really want to try to complete the 29/30 days through AlizaZLegacy.

Contribute whatever you can  through this website. Do mention Project Ramadan.


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  1. I have no words about u May Allah bless you and your family I appreciate you and ur work u r superb human beings in hole would may Allah give you more and more success ..

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