Update water wells

Dear Legion,

In the past 6 weeks our team had a tough time placing your waterpumps. Due to the high mountainous area we failed in getting water, although the measurements were indicating that there was water. AllahU Aalim
We had to drill at 4 different places. I told our team not to give up because these people need water. I know it’s easier not to go to these areas and place wells somewhere else. But I think that we should drill wells, at places where people are requesting for water, not because it isn’t convenient for us to take our drilling machines to these high areas and drill for several days. Allah Azwajjal knows my intentions.

So if you have ordered a well, then please have patience our work is continuing.

As soon as your well is placed, you will receive an email with the video and pictures. And ofcourse a picture of your plate with the name of yourself or loved one(s).

Thank you.

Alhamdulillah always☝!

Atia Raja

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