Update Zeeshan after operation

I spoke to our Team, they are still not allowed to meet Zeeshan on ICU. So unfortunately they can’t go to visit him.

They had contact with the hospital. They told our  team member that his operation went well. They have removed a huge part of the tumor. The tumor is now smaller in size. They have also send the tumor to their lab to identify the DNA.

There is one complication. His shunt that was placed by PIMS Islamabad last week, has to be removed. I have emailed the assistant of Zeeshan’s neurosurgeon for more information about this. I am still waiting for a reply.

This means Zeeshan needs a third operation. They have to place a shunt asap. My team member told me that Shifa International wanted us to make a deposit of Rs. 100.000, that is around 909 EURO. We transferred an amount of 3000 EURO day before yesterday. We have Rs 100.000 left from this amount. We now have to pay for this unexpected operation.

But before we pay this second deposit we need some more information about this shunt operation. I hope to receive an answer soon.

As a trust we need to have a target and a plan of treatment.

I know this shunt operation is necessary but I also have to follow the rules.

I will keep you all updated.

In the meantime, please keep spreading the word…

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