Update Zeeshan – further treatment

I want to tell you about my conversation with Zeeshan’s mother. I spoke to her today. She was very much upset about Zeeshan’s condition. Zeeshan had his operation at PIMS and he is still facing a hard time. She wanted to go to a well known hospital Shifa International, where Aaliyan, the little boy is being treated for his spinal muscular atrophy through Aliza Zara Legacy.   Tomorrow our volunteer is going to Islamabad to pick him up and bring him to Shifa International. 

I’ve asked my team working in that region to ask the doctors of Shifa International what his treatment will be and what they think is going on. The doctor of PIMS told me that he has a slow growing tumor. Now I need to get some more information about his health. His mother was crying and she was requesting Aliza Zara Legacy’s Legion to help Zeeshan. We all want to help but I also need more information about what his situation is. What kind of Tumor does Zeeshan have? Is it possible to help him? What are his surviving chances? All legit questions and I need answers. In a previous video his mother was telling us he has a cyst, but the doctor at PIMS told me about a tumor. I am very much confused about this case.

I need answers and I think Zeeshan’s mother needs answers too.

As Aliza Zara Legacy we want to help, but all his previous documents which we received say nothing about a tumor. I am going to sit down with Dr.  Nawaz our Aliza Zara Legacy doctor to discuss Zeeshan’s case after we have received his current medical file.

We are paying for his tests at Shifa International and we are keeping Zeeshan in our prayers.

I hope to update you soon about what the next step is. Till then you can contribute towards his tests through our website/ link contribute.

Project Zeeshan


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