Update Zeeshan – patient cyst in brain


Our team went to give the first donation to Zeeshan’s mother. We work as following. In some cases we pay the fees directly to the hospital/ doctor and we have a receipt. In some cases paying a deposit isnt possible. We then ask the hospital to provide us with invoices, we give cash to the family/ patient to pay the hospital. In both examples we take hospital receipts. In Zeeshan’s case his mother is providing us with invoices and we are paying her that amount in cash.

We always work with hospital medical files, which are reviewed by our own Drs. Nawaz ❤. We always ask for medical bills and keep contact with the doctors & their family. Our volunteers visit the patients and their families for updates as well. In some cases we even drive them to the hospitals.

So that was about how we work.

Zeeshan’s mother is really thankful for the support of Aliza Zara’s Legion ❤ praying for everyone of you ?❤?.

We will keep updating you about Zeeshan’s health.

This project has been closed.

Spreading Love and Hope that is what Aliza Zara does.

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