Woman with two babies in need (NL)

<strong>This project is closed, 626,92 EURO was raised for this mommy, many legion members donated clothes, babyfood, diapers, toys and much more. this was delivered at their place. This amount is reserved for the babies, whenever they need something, AlizaZLegacy will provide them. </strong><strong>We will keep contact with this mommy and kids.</strong>


Dear Legion,
I was silent in the past few days. One of a legion member contacted me through Aliza’s Facebookpage (Healing4Aliza). She was in serious trouble. She had to be hospitalized in emergency and she has two little kids. One baby just 2 yrs old and one 6 months old. She messaged me to contact her immediately. So I did. I listened to her story. Her husband left her and she has no relatives living in The Netherlands neither does she has friends who wanted to take care of her babies. The child protection was informed by the family doctor and they contacted her to take her kids to a foster home. We didn’t think twice and we told her to calm down. Waqas &amp; I drove to her place to pickup her babies, so she could go to the hospital for her operation, which had to be done in emergency.
We looked at her place, an one room apartment. I felt really bad, but we had no time to discuss her situation. We packed half of the most important stuff and we drove the children to my place, Alhamdulillah.
So I’ve been taking care of the babies since then and I’ve been talking to the mother so I know a little bit more about her poor situation.
I want to help this young woman financially to support her babies with the necessity of life.
As soon as she is out from hospital AlizaZLegacy will reserve 200 Euro which will be there for her in time of need. Whenever she is in trouble with buying food for her kids or whatsoever AlizaZLegacy will provide her with that.
The babies are with me alhamdulillah for the time being and Alhamdulillah they are very happy ??. And alhamdulillah she trusted me.
You can help this woman by donating an amount or contact me through a message on this post if you can mean something for this young woman.
Due to privacy reasons I’m not sharing her name or pictures, and I totally understand this.



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