Zeeshan out of Shifa International Islamabad

We have taken Zeeshan out of Shifa International Islamabad. We have payed 1.131.093,00 RS till now for Zeeshan’s operations and treatment. That is around

€ 10.282,00. Aliza Zara Legacy payed more towards his treatment than was collected.

We have used Noor’s reserved amount as well.

We can not continue his treatment like this.

We will need around 5 to 600.000 RS for his radiation. I have experienced with hospitals in Pakistan that these amounts can change 😔…

This case will stay on the hold till we can be certain that Aliza Zara Legacy is able to pay his radiation/ hospitalization. We can not take the risk to hospitalize him before that. Once again we do not have funds for his radiation. We have payed for one month hospitalization/treatment, 4 operations, biopsy and 3 radiations.

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