About us

Our board members and project managers are key to Aliza Zara Legacy. They are connectors, activators and accelerators of spreading love and hope, which is a guiding force of our organization. 

Changing the world on our own is a difficult task to achieve. So, in order to achieve our goals. We team up with dedicated organisations and people across the world.
We want to make a positive impact that will affect people everywhere, starting with those who need it the most.

“Beautiful things are being done through Aliza’s legacy”

Non-profit nature

It’s crucial to note that Aliza Zara Legacy is a non-profit organization. All revenues are directly used to support our mission and projects. We do not employ paid staff for our projects.

The board members nor the volunteers at Aliza Zara Legacy receive any compensation or honorarium. Our organization does not aim for profit maximization but rather aims to maximize social impact and improve lives. 

Financial information

Stichting Aliza Zara Legacy
: NL48 INGB 0006 8372 68
Chamber of Commerce number: 63633299
RSIN 855325094 (tax identification number)
Donations can also be transferred directly to our account.

Postal address

Stichting Aliza Zara Legacy
Willem Bontekoestraat 138
1335 NK in Almere (The Netherlands)

Contact us

E-mail: info@alizazlegacy.com

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