How it all started

Aliza fell seriously ill at the age of 4. Despite her own situation, she never stopped caring about the wellbeing of other people. Her boundless generous compassion has become the daily inspiration of our foundation; Aliza Zara Legacy. 

Aliza Zara, daughter of Atia Raja and Waqas and sister of Marya Insha and Alayna Misha was born in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) on October 3rd, 2007. She sadly passed away on May 9th, 2015. During her short life, Aliza brought sunshine to many lives and touched people’s hearts wherever she went. 

Aliza’s illness

Aliza was first misdiagnosed with arthritis in 2011, at the age of 4. In June 2012 it became clear that Aliza was suffering from neuroblastoma stage 4. A tumour attached to her kidney had entered her spinal cord. This diagnosis turned the entire family’s lives upside down. Like any other little girl, Aliza loved to play and dance. She was now in severe pain.

Aliza went through several operations and suffered multiple high dosage chemotherapy sessions, as well as radiation therapy and immunotherapy. She was treated both in the Netherlands, America and in Germany. Her mother Atia went through the entire country to collect the necessary funds for Aliza’s treatments in a specialised hospital in Greifwald, because these were not covered by their Dutch health insurance. 

Despite all efforts, medical care and prayers, Aliza very sadly drew her final breath at the age of 7.

Aliza’s legacy

No matter how ill she felt, Aliza was always very concerned and involved with other children in need. When she heard of an ill child in Pakistan in need of funds for his treatment she asked her mother to help. Aliza loved to play and dance. And it was Aliza who started a collection for a playroom in Greifwald hospital to make her fellow patients smile again. She did this as soon as she found out there were no toys for the ill children. Aliza was convinced that this would help to ‘create happy cells’ for all of them.   

“Despite her illness, Aliza was always smiling and helping other people.” 

Aliza spent the last days of her life at home. Even in her last days, Till the very end she was concerned about other people’s wellbeing. On April 27th 2015, a national holiday known as Kings Day, she asked her mother to sell her toys and cuddles to raise money for poor children in Africa.  All of this led to the creation of Aliza Zara Legacy.

This deep concern for the wellbeing of others describes exactly what Aliza was like. She was born with an unconditional urge to help others and to make them happy.  Aliza Zara Legacy was founded in memory of this amazing child and to continue her selfless acts of charity.

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