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Donate to a special project, make a difference as a volunteer or start a fundraising to get other people involved. There are so many ways to help. If you share Aliza’s desire to spread love and hope, then don’t delay and join our legion.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers make all the difference. We believe that every person has a special talent. At Aliza Zara Legacy we can use all sorts of talents to keep our mission moving forward. We have so many plans, but not enough hands to carry them all out. We need volunteers like you!

We are grateful for any help you can offer and would love to hear about your ideas. Whether you are thinking of organising a charity dinner or a brand-new event, or if you would like to help us with our administration, or visit local schools to spread the word about our projects, we would love to speak to you. Please do not hesitate and contact us.

I want to help!

Start a fundraiser

Come up with a fun, original promotion to contribute to our mission. Consider, for example:

  • A dish on your menu with proceeds donated to Aliza Zara Legacy
  • Asking friends and family to donate to a special project as your birthday gift
  • Raising funds with children by collecting recyclable bottles and donating the deposit money
  • Home baking and selling cupcakes or cookies to raise money.
  • Having a car boot sale and donating the proceeds.

Please keep us posted and share your activities on all your socials using #AlizaZLegacy.

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Participate in an event

Are you planning a walk, run, cycle ride or are you participating in another sports activity? Consider raising money by getting your friends and family to sponsor you. Put our logo on your t-shirt, have our mission in your heart and go!

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Atia Zara

Aliza simply gave me a new purpose in life when she left us so much too early: to provide compassionate care to those in need. Helping others makes  me deal with my own pain. It fills the emptiness she left with positive energy and creates a place to express my love for Aliza. Helping others makes me feel connected to her. Helping others means sending gifts to my daughter. Through these gifts I let her know that she isn’t forgotten and that beautiful things are being done through her legacy.”

We need your help

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