Our Board

Waqas Sharif
My role as the Chairman of Aliza Zara Legacy is an embodiment of my unwavering dedication and fervor. My commitment to this noble cause stems from a deeply personal conviction that extends beyond a mere obligation.
To me, Aliza Zara Legacy represents more than just an organization; it’s a pathway toward fulfilling a purpose larger than myself. My relentless efforts and steadfast commitment are fueled by the aspiration to contribute meaningfully to society. 

Atia Raja
The Treasurer of Aliza Zara Legacy. My heart beats with unwavering dedication and a mother’s love. As the beloved mother of Aliza, whose memory is the guiding light behind the founding of Aliza Zara Legacy, my journey is intertwined with the legacy of my cherished daughter.
For me, Aliza Zara Legacy isn’t just an organization; it’s a testament to the love and bond I share with my daughter. It’s a living tribute, a platform where the essence of Aliza thrives through noble deeds and meaningful initiatives. Every step taken, every life touched, carries the imprint of Aliza’s spirit, resonating through my devotion. As the Treasurer, I navigate the financial aspects with diligence, but my contribution goes beyond the numbers. It’s a labor of love, an expression of a mother’s unwavering commitment to honor my daughter’s memory. The joy I derive from the impact of the foundation’s work is bittersweet, yet profoundly fulfilling. Through the legacy of Aliza Zara, I finds solace in knowing that I am perpetuating the kindness, compassion, and empathy my daughter embodied.

Usman Zahoor Raja
Serving as the Secretary of Aliza Zara Legacy, I find myself propelled by an unyielding passion and a profound sense of purpose. My commitment to the foundation’s cause is deeply entrenched in my belief in making a tangible difference in the lives of others.
As a devoted father raising three children, I recognize the pivotal role we play in shaping the world for the upcoming generations. This recognition serves as the bedrock of my dedication to the foundation’s mission, infusing each action with sincerity and an earnest desire to effect meaningful change.

My role extends beyond administrative responsibilities; it’s about embodying the very essence of Aliza Zara Legacy – fostering empathy, upholding integrity, and advocating for inclusivity.

Non-profit nature

It’s crucial to note that Aliza Zara Legacy is a non-profit organization. All revenues are directly used to support our mission and projects. We do not employ paid staff for our projects.
The board members nor the volunteers at Aliza Zara Legacy receive any compensation or honorarium. Our organization does not aim for profit maximization but rather aims to maximize social impact and improve lives. 


“Beautiful things are being done through Aliza’s legacy”

Atia Zara

Atia: “Aliza simply gave me a new purpose in life when she left us so much too early: to provide compassionate care to those in need. Helping others makes  me deal with my own pain. It fills the emptiness she left with positive energy and creates a place to express my love for Aliza. Helping others makes me feel connected to her. Helping others means sending gifts to my daughter. Through these gifts I let her know that she isn’t forgotten and that beautiful things are being done through her legacy.”

Aliza is much more alive than ever before.

Financial information

Stichting Aliza Zara Legacy
: NL48 INGB 0006 8372 68
Chamber of Commerce number: 63633299
RSIN 855325094 (tax identification number)
Donations can also be transferred directly to our account.

Postal address

Stichting Aliza Zara Legacy
Willem Bontekoestraat 138
1335 NK  Almere
The Netherlands

E-mail: info@alizazlegacy.com


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