Maira is a 7-year-old girl born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). In 2015 she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension – meaning her right lung was damaged due to CF. 

Maira needed treatment: either stem cell transplant or a double lung transplant – which would prolong her life. This treatment was given in Houston, Texas Children’s Hospital.  Maira went in 2016 to Houston for this treatment. 

Aliza Zara Legacy provided Maira with the medication and vitamins she needed to keep her other lung stable in Pakistan while she was waiting for her treatment in Houston. Her parents had to get her on the waiting list in the U.S. but they lacked a health insurance. They had to raise enough funds to pay her treatment in advance for the costs of this operation and the follow-up treatments later that year.

Aliza Zara Legacy helped Maira with other organisations to get her treatment started in Texas Children’s Hospital. Maira is now staying in the US and she is doing fine.

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